Sustainably Packaged

After the bars are cured we trim them up, wrap them in a soy based wax paper and cover that with a band printed on 60% recycled paper and glue the band with a plant based glue stick. While unfortunately the wax paper isn't recyclable, it is compostable (along with the paper band). 

For shipping we stack your bars and wrap them in kraft paper to create a package, put on the label and postage, tie it off with some hemp twine and ship it. Most orders process and ship within 24 hours. If your order includes anything out of stock, it will be considered a pre-order. Unless specifically requested we will ship the order complete once everything is available. But don't worry you will know if something is out of stock, the system tells you a couple times.

In the future we plan to use a soy printed 100% Post Consumer Recycled 19# Kraft box that will be 100% recyclable. However due to minimum orders and having 8+ products we had to back burner that one. But they will be coming eventually!