Real Soap is Better

Since Filthy Hippies loves sharing knowledge about our products so you are equipped to make informed decisions about what you put on your body.

All Natural

All Filthy Hippies products are made-from-scratch, vegan, mostly organic using all natural ingredients. We only use natural mica, essential oils, coconut derived charcoal, wood derived soap lye, natural botanicals and other ingredients.

Filthy Hippies has chosen not to use animal-derived ingredients, including but not limited to: tallow, lanolin, milk, honey. We believe plant oils are less pore-clogging, and ecologically responsible. We will never use palm oil in our soap, while it is an easy way to formulate a hard bar, it’s non-sustainable and products that use it should always be avoided.

Our Formulas

We start our our soap by carefully researching the ingredients, making sure to balance bar hardness with cleansing, lather and moisturizing. All of our products are homemade from scratch, you won't find any pre-made bases in our soap.

Filthy Hippies soap retains all of the glycerine that is produced during the saponification process. This natural glycerine acts as a humectant drawing moisture in to your skin. We estimate that our soap contains roughly 25% glycerine. The process of saponification is simply adding an alkali to oil and mixing to create soap. Mass produced soaps actually remove the glycerine from the "soap" leaving your skin dry.

Cold Process

Our soaps are handmade using the cold process method. We soap at 95-100˚, then oven ‘gel’ to aid the saponification process and reduce the cure time.  After 24-48 hours we remove the mold then cut it and let it continue to cure on racks before we finish and package the bars.